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Win your battle and then go and help your mate

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Special Effect works hard to put people living with disabilities back in the game. We recently had the pleasure of helping them fundraise by bringing two footballing legends back to fans screens; albeit via Zoom screens of course.

To celebrate the return of the Premier League, Special Effect welcomed two former football giants to reflect on their careers, discuss football today and answer burning questions from Special Effect fans.

So, how were we involved?

We are very passionate about supporting charity, and Special Effect is an organisation that we have worked with since 2018. Using a range of technology and the expertise of their incredible occupational health teams, Special Effect creates accessible gaming experiences for people with physical disabilities. We’d been intrigued by the magic that Special Effect creates and from the moment we met Nick and the team, we’ve been keen to help them fundraise and further their reach however we can. On this occasion, we were able to help by connecting Special Effect with some great people from the world of football.

“Go and win your battle and then go and help your mate”.

Having over 50 Special Effect supporters wearing all colours on the call was made possible by the brilliant wizardry of First Sight Media. Gareth and Emile gave us some fantastic insight into their views on the beautiful game with both impressing the crowd with their articulate skills. We got a real showstopper from Emile who summed up how everyone is feeling right now. He told us about how he developed his style of play and his approach to the game which stemmed from one of his early youth coaches; “Go and win your battle and then go and help your mate”. To anyone who has seen Emile play you can see for yourself that he certainly listened to his coach.

I couldn’t help but feel that the sooner these guys get future roles back in our game, the better for everyone.

The captivating Q and A raised some timely funds for the charity. It was an incredible fundraiser to be a part of, and we’re already brainstorming what we can do next! We want to use this blog as an opportunity to direct you to Special Effect and encourage you to explore the work they do. They don’t charge a penny for the life changing work that they do, so donations are a vital part of providing support. Without donations, shares and raising awareness, Special Effect wouldn’t be able to improve the lives of the people they support, and there are so many ways YOU can help.

Please visit Special Effect’s website and give them a follow on all social platforms:

Massive thanks to Nick, Tom, Emilie, Gareth, and Richard for the opportunity to be involved in such a brilliant fundraiser. It really was a real fan moment seeing Special Effect exceed their target and have some football-related fun at the same time.


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