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Coming out of COVID hibernation refreshed

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

We wanted to share with you our new website and what feels like us coming out of a very insular protective hibernation period. Like many of us who were faced with big decisions around covid our most natural reaction was to protect our nearest and dearest first and to be honest that’s what we did.

We made a very conscious decision to not take on any new customers and totally focus on delivering over and above for our loyal partners and that in turn allowed us to not have to worry about recruiting and onboarding when hygiene and mental health were our primary concerns.

So what have we been doing whilst hunkering down and protecting ourselves?

1. Moved offices – We took the decision to move offices for a number of reasons. Lower overhead / Lower Carbon footprint and happier environment for all the team. 3 very well intentioned and smart drivers for the decision that has meant we have a happier group.

2. We over delivered for clients – We made a really conscious decision that if we were feeling pretty nervous and unsure about the future then how must our clients be feeling? We concluded that they would want even more support to help them drive all their sales and marketing initiatives. So we doubled down on our loyal partners and that has been one of the most rewarding features of our post covid review. More work coming our way but really happy that we all supported each other through very trying times.

3. We focussed even harder on our team’s well being – We trust our team implicitly so gave everyone total freedom to work how it suited their personal situation and how they were feeling that day / that week. Collectively we worked really hard on making sure each of us felt connected and supported and the net result is we all feel more of a team than ever and our customers have seen the difference.

4. Focussed on our processes – Not sure if you have heard of a thing called Teams ??  Having used Teams for video conference calls we have started to utilise it far more for our planning and internal communications.

5. Re designed our website – We have built many new websites this year and we have learned many new lessons on how we should present ourselves. Hope you like the new flow of the site.

Just want to sign off by saying a big thanks to our loyal customers for their continued trust in their brands. Helping companies tell their story is something we love to do and whilst this year has been tough we know the from the stats we have done a great job.


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