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A day in the life with Emily

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

So as always, my first point of call for the day is to my dog, Willow. No matter how much I am busting for the loo or I snoozed my alarm, she is always my number one priority. After suffering a stroke last year, she has lost the ability to do a lot for herself, and we now have a 'new normal' routine in our life.

After 30 minutes of cleaning up, letting Willow out, cuddling her and feeding her, I finally give her any medication she may need. This is a task in itself and usually involves disguising a tablet in a rolled-up anchovy! Then, it's time for me. The next part is pretty dull, and I really don't think anyone would want to know exactly how many minutes I brush my teeth for, which shower gel I'm using or if I am putting my hair up or down for the day! I have never been one for spending hours on hair, makeup or selecting an 'outfit of the day' so it's always pretty quick and straightforward with me - I am either full-on tracksuit and trainers or 'jeans a nice top'. If I had my way though, I would wear my pyjamas and slippers all day, every day if I could get away with it.

On the short drive to work, I love nothing more than putting my very varied playlist on which could be anything from Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Stormzy, Jax Jones or Luther Vandross. On company events, my playlists are pretty famous.

I think it's fair to say that I work well from a good list and love being organised. This is really important in my job as it's on me to help the team keep clients happy. Most mornings start with a quick check of emails and sorting what is urgent and dealing with that first. Right now, we are helping one of our e-commerce clients with their consumer fulfilment and all the enquiries that go along with that. I love nothing more than looking back on a day and seeing things ticked off my list and tasks being accomplished. A strong cup of coffee is always on hand to help too...

I have always been one for just sharing duties and doing whatever is needed to get stuff done. In the current situation, there is nothing more important than just all pulling together to keep things running as normal as possible. We have also been doing meetings via teams which are different from our regular face to face meetings filled with agendas and snacks. It is a great way to communicate, but I do miss the face to face communication we are all used to.

After a typical day at work, it is time to head home. And first things first…. FOOD.

During the lockdown, my routine has changed a lot, but I have made the most of being at home. My husband is the cook in our house, mainly because he enjoys it and I am always hungry so don't have much patience when it comes to cooking. Timing is just not my thing, although I do make a surprisingly good roast dinner and have the schedules nailed for that.

On an average day when we are not in lockdown, I am never still and after work always try to make the most of my time. I enjoy nothing more than seeing my family and friends. We also have to do regular visits to the physio to help Willow continue with her progress, and we also enjoy being outdoors walking or just being in the garden. I am not one of those who enjoys scrolling through social media or watching videos on YouTube; I am always on the go or quite happy, just sitting chilling. So being in lockdown, I have explored new ways to keep myself busy by cooking, learning, reading, doing stuff around the house and exercising. Exercise is also a big part of my daily routine for my mental and physical health. Before tea or later in the evening, I will always head to the gym, go for a run or more recently, take part in some online classes.

After that, it is time to jump in the shower, PJ's on and chill. As much as I do love being busy, there is no better feeling than getting your pyjamas on, jumping on the sofa and watching corrie with a cuppa, which is usually how my day ends.

Well, that summarises a day in the life of me, I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog I have written, with of course a little help from Wills. (Oh, and her sock…)


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