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Why Social Media Audits Work

Picture this.

You've just spent £10,000 and invested long days and late nights on a Facebook ad campaign. After weeks of tweaking the demographic, re-running your A/B testing, and managing workplace wobbles, you haven't hit the targets you expected. You think something might not be working with your social media, so two weeks later, you pay an agency a fee for a social media audit. You're told that your target demographic spends most of their time of Instagram and would be unlikely to purchase through Facebook as they don't trust the platform…

Imagine the benefits if the social media audit had been done before you spent your £10,000? Social media audits can be game-changers because it allows you the best chance of success.

An audit helps you know where you are today and gives clarity to what needs to be done. It gives you the foundation to build solid strategies that get the right message to the right customer at the right time.

This year social media audits have been our most in-demand service. So, here's a snapshot of what our social media audits include:

  • Like the Sherlock Holmes of social media, we trace ALL your digital footprints. Remember when you created that Twitter account in 2010 but, didn't use it? Or what about that old YouTube channel that features videos you forgot about? We'll find those pesky distractions from your brand and advise you on next steps.

  • Consistency is critical, we'll check elements such as your profile photos, bios, hashtags and creative against your brands style guide to ensure you're using up-to-date images, keywords, and brand voice.

  • We assess your competition. Competition pushes us to do our best, and it's an advantage to know why your audience may choose your competitor over you…

  • We'll evaluate your platforms' performances over a period of time to identify patterns such as when are your audience most likely to engage with your content? How much do people interact with your posts? Does your audience appear to prefer video or photo? We provide you with example posts that include creative and copy and will also highlight your best posts to show how you already know how to hit social out of the park; it just takes some tiny tweaks!

  • Even if you have a social media manager, many of us are self-taught (myself included!) and even with the best will in the world, we do not know ALL the answers. Social media moves FAST, and one person can't keep up with every trend and tips. A second pair of digital-savvy eyes gives you fresh creative input and new strategies to consider.

  • Depending on your brand, your audience may vary from platform to platform. We'll establish who you're reaching on each of your media and help you better understand how to engage with your demographic per platform.

  • We provide you with the right combination of data and creative to achieve the best results.

We'll identify goals for each channel, give you practical advice on how to achieve these goals and support you with the next steps.

Let's face it since social media has developed; it's become more complicated. Whether it's curating a fire Instagram feed or hitting the FYP on TikTok, it takes time, skills, budget and talent to run a successful digital platform. So rather than wasting time, resources and £££'s on trying to re-invent the wheel, a social media audit can help you identify where you should focus your energy to improve your channels and reach your audience.

So, what are you waiting for?

E-mail Sophie on to discuss how we can help bring your social media back to life!


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