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TikTok your way to the top

It’s been a while since a social media platform took the planet by storm. That was until TikTok took over the screens (and lives) of Gen Z, with Millennials not far behind. As people searched for boredom busters during the peak of the pandemic, TikTok presented people with ways to get creative, take part in hashtag challenges and meet new people through dances, lip-syncing, pranks and memes.

TikTok has made creating and editing videos easy. They are introducing an ever-changing library of effects, stickers and filters and opportunity to collaborate with other users through split-screen duets. While apps such as Instagram present a chance to connect with others, TikTok allows people to engage with people in a much more relatable, #nofilter kind of way. With emerging TikTok stars like Brittany Broski, Addison Rae and Loren Gray racking up billions of views, the app has seen a new generation of video creators take the lead on social media engagement.

Many of us have been forced to stay home during Covid-19, we’ve clung to TikTok trends as a way of engaging with other humans! As the app has developed, we’ve seen more and more users introduce their families into their content, including challenges like the #BeyonceChallenge, where users rate their families singing attempts (with some virally funny results).

So, how are brands jumping on the bandwagon? Since the majority of TikTok’s user demographic is aged 18-24, brands like BooHoo, O2 and Elf Cosmetics have utilised the platform in inventive ways to engage their target audience. Elf went as far as commissioning an original song for their #EyesLipsFace TikTok campaign and just check out the number of videos now associated with this-

In a recent research study, the following was determined:

These stats further highlight the opportunities that are available for brands on TikTok if they’re willing to get creative. Branded hashtag challenge campaigns have proven to be the most popular to date, as the ‘virality’ of challenge campaigns encourage participation! With over 745,000 downloads of the TikTok app in the UK alone during March 2020, the hype isn’t dying down any time soon. Plus, as a second potential lockdown looms, now is the perfect time for brands to join the app and understand the new generations' consumer needs and habits. With new features included shoppable content being trialled for 2021, it's worth exploring what the app could do for you.

We've compiled some of our recent favourites below. We hope you like and enjoy them as much as we do!


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