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Team Deliver Disney Magic

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

In collaboration with Disney, we have recently worked on the best project an agency could wish to be a part of.

Pebble Gear kids' tablets have been developed to provide fun, education-based content in a safe digital environment. It has been a genuine honour to work with Disney over the past 18 months, and we're excited to finally see the outcome of our efforts in the shape of the Pebble Gear™ Toy Story 4 © and Frozen 2 © tablets!  

As an agency, we have been lucky to have worked with some fantastic brands, on some incredibly exciting projects, but none have allowed us to use all our skills in one project. 

This unique project has allowed us to really bring Pebble Gear to life. You can check out the project in full here

  • Consumer Focus Groups – We organised and managed consumer focus groups to understand social and cultural concerns around digital content and screen time. Spending quality time with parents and guardians was at the heart of the success of this project. Working with our focus group at regular intervals helped enormously at all key milestones of product development. It also helped us identify emerging trends in the consumer technology space and better understand the unique demands placed on parents.

  • Tiny Testers – What we learnt from our focus groups is that kids are super savvy when it comes to tech. This helped us form our Tiny Tester group. Having children testing versions of the tablets and software at key times was a game changer for us. See the results here

  • Stakeholder Collaboration – Liaising with everyone involved in this project was very rewarding. Co-ordinating agency activity across regions and working very closely with the Disney team to ensure compliance on everything, from website design to packaging.

  • Brand Communications – From packaging through to social media community management we developed a look and feel that was consistent through the Pebble Gear journey for consumers and retail channel partners.

  • Created social media strategy – As lead agency for digital we built the strategy and tactical campaigns that could be utilised by all our partner agencies in territories. We all loved doing what we could for our amazing NHS and Key Workers with our Token of Appreciation campaign. The joy we received from giving back to those who helped us so much was the highlight for us so far

  • Video content creation- Our brief was to develop a bank of short form content to support social media activity. Aiding parents and grandparents to understand the set up of the tablets in a fun way that they can do together with their little ones. See our videos here

  • Go to Market strategies- Working with all of the partner teams across EMEA we have co-ordinated the launch strategies for retail and direct to consumer via online channels.

  • Influencer and ambassadors’ outreach- Lots of time and effort has been spent building the correct community of influencers and ambassadors that long term will give Pebble Gear the best ROI results. Check out our piece on community management here

Finally, we want to give a big shout out to the team at Disney for their amazing support in getting this project concluded. Lots more to come so watch this space. To our fellow collaborators, Sheridans, Kensa Creative, BOPE PR, MSM and Swordfish, thank you for respecting embargos, adhering to NDAs’, and supporting the project with the fantastic skills that you have. We massively appreciate it.  

Don’t forget to check out the website here: and give our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter a follow to keep up to date with the latest products, giveaways and offers! You can find us @pebblegear.


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