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Disney YouTube videos 

Pebble Gear collaborated with Disney to run fun and friendly ads on YouTube to raise the awareness of their kids tablets designed for 3-8 year olds whose parents want their children to use technology in the safest way possible. 


We were approached to create engaging video adverts for the Pebble Gear tablets in each of the four movie franchises tied to the brand: Toy Story, Frozen, Cars and Mickey & Friends. The Tablets are sold in many territories and so we required English, French and German language versions.


When creating for a Disney franchised product there are certain branding limitations in place to safeguard the Disney IP which must be adhered to. Also, producing these videos under international

Covid lockdown restrictions meant that we had no access to actors or locations. 


Working closely with Disney representatives we were able to produce vibrant, exciting content that communicated our key messages of pre-loaded Disney content, safety features and a free year of access to Game Store Junior. Our colleagues in Germany worked with us to translate the messaging to the required languages so we could communicate consistently to audiences in relevant territories.


Our videos were regarded as some of the best that our Disney

contacts had seen from a franchised product partner. Due to the quality of our videos and the regard for our work we were able to have our adverts feature via a selection of Disney YouTube channels as well as the German Disney Channel.

Over 1.1 Million worldwide Impressions

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