Pebble Gear E-Commerce

Digital Marketing content creation 

Pebble Gear marketing team retained us to create engaging digital content to be used across web, social and retailers. Creating our #TinyTesters campaign we worked with influencers, content creators and our in house creative team to develop a full calendar of content all approved by Disney.


Digital Goals retained us to build their brand Pebble Gear. The primary consumers for the brand were kids and parents.  Pebble Gear wanted to become an inclusive brand with a conversational tone of voice. 


We concluded that the brand should have a feminine tone of voice and help parent's cut through all the tech spec jargon that existed in the market . Our social output was educational and fun. Building conversations with parents was crucial in the success of the brand digitally.



Engagement levels on direct messages have been huge for a new brand. Pebble Gear is slowly becoming a "go to" for parents who want to get a better understanding of how best to use technology in a balanced way to benefit their little loved ones.   

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