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Market Leading Dash Cam Brand

Our successful relationship with UK award winning dash cam brand Nextbase has seen many forms. One of the ways we have been able to help Nextbase was in better understanding their audience to help make key strategic decisions. Our ability to host consumer focus groups and ascertain essential customer data is just one of the reasons our customers value our services and expertise.


Nextbase were planning their peak marketing campaigns and wanted to check there messaging was aligned with consumer needs. With a number of new unique features to communicate, we were asked to conduct a series of consumer focus groups.


Our approach was one of quality over quantity. Using a very selective recruitment process we arranged 3 face to face events across the UK. Questions and session flow was all designed to ensure the client got the feedback needed to finalise their marketing plans and focus on the things created big gains.


High level, quality insight was delivered back to the client within 10 days. Our conclusions contributed to Nextbase owning No1 position in the UK market.   

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