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Game-Changing Distribution

Genba Digital securely connect digital content owners and sales channels around the globe with an award-winning technology platform, GENBA, that sets the standard in transparency and security.


Genba came to us with a problem - their B2B facing team weren't

able to communicate confidently or effectively with their existing presentation assets. They needed a versatile template that could be altered in-house by the team, depending on the client or project, while maintaining brand identity standards and quality.



Our approach was to get to the core of what Genba is and what they stand for, while keeping a close eye on the potential clients they would be presenting to. It was important for us to raise standards with the template but also have everything in place for the team to be versatile and change or even build on the original.


After working closely with Genba to understand their requirements we were able to hand over the new sales deck template and give their team a powerful new asset in business generation. Staff were said to be 'over-the-moon' with the new template, allowing them to present in confidence.

This success and the benefits of a collaborative working relationship were highlighted by Beth Chapman, Marketing Manager at Genba.​

"Neil and Rich were a pleasure to work with. Where other companies have failed, they understood our brand completely and the tone that we wanted to communicate through our new company sales deck."

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