Union of European Clubs

A voice for all in European football

The Union of European Clubs (UEC) is a new body created to empower and represent clubs across Europe that are not traditionally recognised at the top table of Europe's elite. Their aim is to give a voice to those that feel unheard.



As a new face in the footballing community it was important for UEC to be visually presented in a strong and confident light to add legitimacy and weight to their message. They will also be representing clubs with long prestigious histories and this should be considered when creating a logo and brand 



Player 4 Player wanted to develop a position of authority in the football services sector. With a high profile board and ambassadors it was clear that the market positioning needed to match the quality and gravitas of its founder members. 



We are proud to have been working with UEC this year as they begin their journey amongst the existing footballing institutions. 

The success of the UEC brand was highlighted by Dennis Gudasic, UEC | Executive Board Elect;

“It was important for us as a new voice in European Football that we got off on the right foot in how we present ourselves. We were all really impressed with the creative from Good Place Ideas - they just got us and what we were trying to say. We look forward to working with them again on future communications”

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